Asus A7V 266-E
Reviewed by: RockBoy
Manufactured by: ASUStek
Supplied by: Tastech
Date Reviewed: 10/12/2001
Price: ~NZ$450


The use of the KT266 chipset from VIA was a short lived affair and it is only now, a few months after VIA released reference boards of the new and improved KT266a that we start to see it readily available. The Epox boards have been here in New Zealand for a while now, but two of the major player Asus and Abit have not had boards on the shelf. According to VIA the upgrade from KT266 to KT266a was simply a plug and pray replacement but it would seem that both Asus and Abit have taken this opportunity to revise their respective boards.
Unfortunately we do not have the new abit board in the Lab so this review is based on what the Asus A7V266-E has to offer as far as features as well as overclocking ability, also please bare with us as this is the first board to enter the Lab we have nothing to compare it against but, when the KR7 arrives we will being doing a direct comparison that is a promise!!

What is in the Box!

The box comes with some nice stuff the contents of which are listed below

1 x DMA66 IDE ribbon
1 x Standard IDE ribbon
1 x Floppy drive cable
1 x USB expansion card and cable to allow the addition of two extra USB ports
1 x Manual
1 x Quick Setup guide (outlining the installation procedure)
1 x Quick reference guide to cross refernce quick setup guide
3 x Spare jumpers
1 x Silver "powered by ASUS" case sticker
1 x Driver CD
Asus Probe 2.15
VIA 4 in 1 drivers v.4.33
PC-cillin v 7.61 anti-virus software
Asus Update (windows based bios flashing utility)
Asus Screen saver (which is blatant advertising for the A1 notebook)
Adobe Acrobat reader 5.0
E-colour 3deep
Oh and there is a motherboard in there somewhere as well ;)

As you can see ASUS maintains its extremely high standards as far as what you get for your money.

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