Soltek SL-75DRV4 KT266a Motherboard

Reviewed by: RockBoy
Sample supplied by: Soltek
Manufactured by: Soltek
Date: 20/2/02
Price: ~NZ$300


I was sitting in front of my computer when Discostu sends through the latest PR on Solteks new SL-75DRV4 motherboard, I opened the pdf to find the "Purple Ray" shining at me. The conversation went something like this:

DiscoStu: Soltek just offered us one of these boards to review
Rockboy: But its purple!!
DiscoStu: should be here in the next couple of days
Rockboy: But its purple!!
DiscoStu: I'll send it down to you if you want to do the reviewing
Rockboy: But it's purple!!
DiscoStu: So you don't want to review it??
Rockboy: What are you nuts, get that board down here good man

Special thanks go out to Johnny at Soltek for sending this, and for bearing with us through our (unrelated) Hard Drive problems.

What is in the Box

The Soltek boards are renowned for coming with a feature rich package and the DRV 4 is no exception

1 x Motherboard (did I mention it was purple)
1 x Ultra ATA 66/100/133 cable
1 x Floppy cable
1x Thermal probe
1 x PC Cillin Antivirus software
1 x Virtual Drive 6
1 x Partion Magic 6
1 x Drive image 4.0
1 x Driver CD with the VIA 4in 1's and a small hardware monitoring utility as well as AC'97 drivers
1 x Very Thorough Manual

Although an extra USB header and other HDD cable are missing the value of the software supplied certainly exceeds that of these "extras"


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