Thermaltake Volcano 7+
Reviewed by: Enzy
Manufactured by: Thermaltake
Supplied by: Thermaltake
Price: ~NZ$60


Thermaltake have always been known for their wide range of coolers and have played a big role in the development of heatsink technology. Today, I get to play with their latest heatsink, the Thermaltake Volcano 7+.

*Right from the DHL package I received


One of the most obvious features of the Volcano 7+ is that it is universal, meaning that it can attach to both Socket A/370 (Amd) and Socket 478 (P4).

Fan Dimension:
Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
Started Voltage:
7.0 VDC
Rated Current: 0.55 AMP Max.
Power Input:
6.6 W Max.
Fan Speed Setting Cable: H, M, L Fan Speed
Fan Speed:
High : 6000 rpm
Medium : 4800 rpm
Low : 3000 rpm
Max. Air Flow: 49.0 CFM
High : 6000 rpm @ 47 dBA
Medium : 4800 rpm @ 35 dBA
Low : 3000 rpm @ 24 dBA
Bearing Type: 2 Ball bearing
Lift Time:
75,000 Hours
Connector: 3 Pin
Thermal Resistance: Intel P4 : 0.29 C/W
AMD XP : 0.32 C/W


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