¿El teclado definitivo?

When someone test a mechanical keyboard, likes and begins to be interested in them enters a new world. A huge community of users including without numerical block keyboards, ergonomic and programmable keys of colors.

Since they are a product of niche, with the exception of the rise of the mechanical gaming keyboard, many of them are designed and manufactured through crowdfunding. Ultimate Hacking Keyboard stands out as one of the most ambitious thing to remember.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Gubz, de overclock.net

Gubz, of overclock.net

Mechanical keyboards are robust, his touch does not degrade with use (something that happens in all membrane keyboards/keypads use) nor are the keys jammed or less sensitive than others. Most importantly: is great to write on them.

Mechanical keyboards are built entirely by a plaque on which are mounted themechanisms of pulse switches under each key. All have the same activation force and ensures its functioning after more than 50 million keystrokes. These mechanisms are designed in the best possible way by and to write, so unlike other keyboards, his touch and response is much better.

Mechanical keyboards provide the best experience when writingThese mechanisms and their keys have a long run, as opposed to the keyboard type “laptop”, so the performance of the key answer is ideal and you won’t have to press down or you force your fingers being placed in a position and angle much more natural. There are linear mechanisms where the force is constant and the key turns to half of the journey, and others with tactile sensation where the mechanism down its force or emits a click to activate the key, causing many people to write significantly faster to detect fingers activation while they write.

This offers endless possibilities. All these possibilities have been taken into account in the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard project.

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

The keyboard focuses primarily on programmers and writers, making our hands (which should not abandon the central row of keys) are in a position as comfortable and natural as possible. That is why to split in two to have that perfect angle.

It is configurable in the type of mechanisms we wantboth distribution (ANSI or ISO). There are linear and tactile and different actuating force. Enthusiasts tend to end up with many keyboards in their homes for this reason: try and enjoy the variants offered by the German manufacturer Cherry.


Being very Compact is ideal to take to the office in the backpack and have the mouse near: less movement of hands and better position. These designs are very common on mechanical keyboards since those who know typing tend not to need the numeric block except in leaves of calculation.

It’s programmable hardware, so it will work as you like on any computer. For those who write in COLEMAK or DVORAK is ideal, but programmers can choose to change the Esc by the lock. Shift. or Ctrl for the lock. Shift to have it in a more comfortable position for example. Something also common in the world of keyboards.

It also has additives that attached to the keyboard when it is divided into two such as a trackball or extra buttons so no need, if you want to, mouse. They are aimed at managers of systems and programmers who use much the terminal, a very specific niche.

I have spent years immersed in the world of keyboards, and I had never seen a project so ambitious and full.

Crowdfunding period ends on December 14. It has already reached its target and keyboards will reach consumers in July 2016. Still can be book one, with the settings you want for $200.